IF "x" is within all columns


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I'm looking for a formula to put in 100 rows to tell me if "exclude" is populated in any of the 250 columns. If yes, then "exclude included" If no, then "Exclude not included" Any ideas?


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Use a COUNTIF function to count the number of times it occurs. You just want to see if there is at least one there, i.e.
=IF(COUNTIF(range to check,"exclude")>0,"exclude included","exclude not included")

Just substitute the range you are checking into the formula.


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=IF(COUNTIF(column range,"*exclude*")>0,"exclude included","exclude not included")
where column range would be something like B1:XFD1 ...


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I see you have COUNTIF covered so I'll go with MATCH.

The A2 to A6 formula looks for "exclude" by itself.
The A7 to A101 formula includes "exclude" as a part of any string.

1Col 1Col 2Col 3Col 4Col 5Col 6
2Exclude not includedandtowhichandforof
3exclude includedexcludesoundlygivetprotestationofof
4Exclude not includedthebetterifirst that tis ask exclude better thetisthat
5Exclude not includedtellmanpoorbodyIwere
6exclude includeddemandnightsflyrenderherefordlazar
7Exclude not includedthoughmeancannotandthewell
8exclude includedtominglebidfirst that tis ask exclude better thebeking
9Exclude not includediwilltoshalllikewiseto
10Exclude not includedfordesireandwithdefuncttides
11exclude includedtakedevilbidstarvingobjectsexclude
12exclude includedtheshaltgonegreyandExclude

<colgroup><col style="width: 25pxpx"><col><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><thead>

Worksheet Formulas
A2 to A6
=IF(ISNA(MATCH("exclude",B2:IR2,0)),"Exclude not included","exclude included")
to A101
=IF(ISNA(MATCH("*exclude*",B7:IR7,0)),"Exclude not included","exclude included")



P.S. Test data from my random extract of 100,000 words from Shakespeares plays, which apparently did not include "exclude" until I made it so.

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