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May 3, 2002
ARRGGH! I'm so close!

I'm attempting to change what comes up as you mouse over points in a given chart (rather than use one of the nifty point-labellers out there, because they clutter up the chart too much).

I cannot find out what the chart object is that brings up the information when mousing over points; I do however know that it is linked to the X- and Y-values for a point (as that is the information that comes up).

Here's the easy-out solution, but I need just a little help with it: these charts are graphed on a date range, and I've moved the comments column directly next to the date column, then selected both as the X-Axis labels. Good news is, this works for the mouse-over window like I need it to! Bad news is, now my x-axis is horribly cluttered.

Does anyone know of a custom format, or other way to manipulate so that the x-axis labels only show 9 maximum characters next to the axis? (i.e. 12/34/56). There is currently a space between the date and the comments, so that's not too much of a problem.

Please! Somebody help!

- Thomas

P.S. - I'm serious about the cookie thing. If someone can help me get this figured out, I will personally mail you the cookie of your choice :) .

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Is there nobody out there that knows a way to do this? It seems like I'm so close, and that this really ~should~ be possible, but all of my surfing on the topic has come up with nothing.

And yes.... the cookie offer still stands :)

Thanks in advance;
- Thomas
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<font face="Arial Black" size="1" color="#0000FF">Thomas,

Can you post some sample data? Use the HTML Maker from</font><font face="Arial Black" size="1" color="#FF0000"> here</font><font face="Arial Black" size="1" color="#0000FF"> to get a snapshot of some of your data. 
Then either me, or someone else will take a look.</font>

<font face="Arial Black" size="1" color="#0000FF">Regards,</font></p>

<font face="Arial Black" size="1" color="#0000FF">Dan</font></p></body>
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I'll have to post this once I get home tonight; I'm on Windows NT, and I'm receiving the error 'Object Not Found' when attempting to utilize this add-in. I looked for any missing references in the VBA editor, but couldn't offhand find any.

One thing I'll add to my original posting about this, that I will try to clarify a with screenshots later is that I did attempt to utilize this wonderful chart labeller provided freeware at http://www.appspro.com/utilities/Labeler.asp
which in other applications I can see would be useful. This labeller, however, uses point position on the chart rather than actual datapoint references to set the labels. While in most appliccations this would be fine, I've set my charts up with named ranges to allow scrolling and zooming, so the datalabels when set up in this manner do not scroll along with their associated datapoints. (*whew*...hope that's not too wordy to make sense :wink: ).

I'll post the screenshots ASAP...can't wait to get some input from you guys on this one! :)

- Thomas
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