inconsistent error msg when trying to close/save


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Jul 22, 2004
Our office uses an Access (2003) db to manage our field projects, using a customized form created in early 2003 by someone who no longer works here. This morning, a user reported that she is unable to save any changes to any of her projects. She is able to open the db and make her changes but whenever she tries to print, manually save (using the toolbar icon), or save by simply closing the record, she gets "Could not update - currently locked."

I had her try three separate records at random and she had the same results. I had another user try the same records and he was able to save fine. I tried them myself and - to keep things interesting - I could save two of them, but not the third.

I have a theory on what might be wrong but am not super-confident of my Access abilities, which is why I'm here. Obviously it's been a long time since I've had to manage an Access db. I've used Crystal Reports more recently and even that's been a couple of years ago now. I was just assigned full responsibility for this db about 6 weeks ago. Everything's been fine till now. Two days ago, the boss ordered several changes to be made to the tracking form mentioned in the first paragraph.

Being a firm believer in not reinventing wheels that are already rolling, I opened the form and saved it with a different name and proceded to start making the changes to the newly-named version. It so happens that the initial record, from which I saved the new version, is one of the ones we're having trouble with this morning. This is as far as my diagnosis goes... did I gorm something up when I saved a live record's form to a new name? The original is still in place with all its data and comes up on Find, etc.

The only reason I question whether my saving/renaming technique is not to blame is that the other records she couldn't save either, plus the fact that at least one user CAN save changes on those other two records.

There's also the fact that the user who can't save anything said she definitely DID successfully save changes yesterday on one of the records she now cannot save. It is not the record I saved a new version of the form from.

Even if my save-and-rename is to blame for all this somehow, I don't know how to fix it. Is it as simple as deleting the saved-renamed version and building it from scratch?

I'm braced for the possibility that I did mess something up at some level by saving and renaming a form, although I've done that with other MS applications for years with no problems. Even if that is a problem, though, it doesn't seem like it could explain everything.

I've gotten great Excel help here for a couple of years or so, and I remembered that this board has an Access forum, so this is the first resource I've come to, with hat in hand. Any/all thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Signed, Going in Circles

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Aug 9, 2006
Before doing anything else, have everyone exit the application and then you open it, click on Tools/Database Utilities/Compact and Repair.

Then have previous user check same record... see if problem still exists.

Compact and Repair should be set in Tools/Options/General/Compact on Close.... ALWAYS.

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