Inputing data of multiple rows/columns from one sheet into a database on different sheet on same workbook


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Jul 23, 2014
To start, I am very unexperienced in VBA. I have an excel workbook with two sheets "Input" and "Database" I need to create a code so that I have a command button on the "Input" sheet that will transfer the data that will be inserted into a "table"(just a 24 row by 13 column section) as shown below (sometimes the table will not always be filled all the way with data but I want to transfer whole table each time), and the data will be inserted into "Database" in the excel workbook so that somebody can look at all of the "tables" of data lined up vertically with one blank row of separation between each table. The command button needs to be able to when pressed take the data from "Input" and put it into "Database" so that new tables are put below the last table that was entered and then the data entered in the "Input" needs to be cleared (without removing the table template) so that somebody could enter in another tables worth of data.
This here is the table template (24 rows by 13 column section in excel) from the "Input" sheet of excel workbook:
Load #12345678910
Time In
Time Out
Load Sec
DateShop / Lot Number of parts that were dewaxed

<COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 48pt" span=13 width=64><TBODY>

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