Insert Power Point into Excel on Mac


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Dec 12, 2017
Apologies for those who may have seen this on an earlier thread. It was suggested I start a new thread explaining that the issue is with a Mac.

Hi all, I need some help and I've checked previous threads and can't find an answer - but it is probably a really simple answer that I just can't find!

I'm creating an excel to deliver a Toolkit of information and documents. The main sheet has links to all the other sheets and back again so it's easy to navigate into the different aspects of the Toolkit. Within the workbook I want to embed documents and links. The links are fine, and embedding word docs are fine too. However, I want to be able to embed power points as well, but I just can't do it!

I need to embed the docs rather than link them as the people using the Toolkit won't have access to the originating folder where the docs are, or even a generic shared folder etc as they work off of a number of different servers etc. So they need to be embedded within the workbook.

When I go to insert object, the only choices I have are for word docs. On windows you have the option of Create New or Create from File, and can browse and insert all different types of documents. On the Mac I only have the option of inserting a word doc as per the attached screen shot. If I try to insert anything other than a word doc by using 'file' (middle screen shot) I then get an error message as per the third screen shot.

I suspect there's something that needs a tick in a box somewhere that I just can't find? Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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