Inserting HTML Code to Auto Populate- Unable to get Browser to Work from VBA Post.


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Oct 9, 2014
Greetings.. I have read the rules to post and searched the forums finding something I thought would work for me but have been unable to implement the suggested directions with success despite their clear step by step process and would be grateful for some help.

I am building an analytics dash with a lot of graphs and charts for an oil and gas company. I am trying to insert a bit of html code that brings up a small box with today's current oil prices. This info could the be plugged into another cell that would change certain elements and allow better forecasting.

The info I am trying to link comes from here which is a oil and gas site that offers free html to put this table info on your website.
Code for Crude Oil Dashboard

I have been using the directions I found in this forum thread

However, as I follow the directions, I am getting an error for the browser itself. The error reads "Compile Error: Method or Data Member Not Found." As well, from the code instruction in aforementioned thread, the ".WebBrowser1" portion is highlighted. Can someone kindly tell me where I am messing up? And- if you can look at the code for the oil price html I am trying to insert-- can you tell me a simpler method to use to accomplish this task or if I am attempting the impossible all together.

Thank you in advance for your time and attention. I really do appreciate the help. Best, Jamie Clark

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