Installation problem: "Can't find project or library"


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Mar 17, 2011
I am checking out a project developed in Excel 2010 for use in Excel 2007 on a client's computer. To try to avoid referring to any of my own macros in Personal.xlsb or a UDF.library, I have installed Excel 2007 in the Virtual XP machine running under Windows 7.

I have with difficulty got the project working to some extent. The macros stored in the project itself are being correctly recognized, but the VBA debugger will not compile them. It stops on the first VBA (built-in) function such as TRIM, LEFT or UCASE and issues the error message quoted above.

Excel Help indicates that there is a missing library reference, but its instructions for locating the missing reference and then finding and installing the appropriate library simply do not work at all. By comparing the 2007 version with the fully-working 2010 version, it appears that the missing library is either FUNCRES.XLAM or EUROTOOL.XLAM, but:
  1. I cannot find either of these in the Object Browser's list of libraries
  2. What I can find has no way of being inserted into the References list.

  • Is there a real way of locating the missing reference(s) and then installing it/them in the References list?
  • If not, how could I install Excel 2007 as an additional program in Windows 7 itself without using the existing Excel 2010 versions of Personal.xlsb or my UDF.library?

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