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Jun 17, 2020
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After an interview for the position of a junior analyst (Financial Business Analyst), where I was preparing to take the SQL test, EXCEL .... but apparently, the company is more important to understand what kind of candidate has analytical skills, rather than specific technical skills. Even though the requirement for the position says SQL, Power BI, Excel.
In general, they sent me a simple Excel file with 4 columns and 220,000 rows.
And the task:
"Please state most concisely and clearly:
- The top-3 insights based on your analysis and the logic behind them
- What technical actions/steps did you take to analyze the data and why
- What tool/software did you use to analyze the data and why
- How would you improve the analysis if you had more time/data
For all 1 day, of course, I did as I could... I have not received an answer yet.

I did 3 analyzes: Customers ABC analysis, Product Potential, Customers Flow.

How would you begin to solve such a task and what else do you think could be extracted from such limited data?

the original file is here

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May 21, 2020
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I don't know how your customers ABC analysis, product potential and customer flow look like.

Based on the spreadsheet, revenue column can be updated to 2 digits after the decimal.

I don't want to focus on how to extract raw data, but I want to point out what can come out from the limited data.

You may want to sum up each product (A, B, C) by month to find out what their revenue were on a monthly/quarter basis. Most companies have analysis for same period last year, or they simply compare their revenue from the previous month.

Who are your top 10 customers for each month? Is there any repeated customer? Which customer generate more revenue each month and what product the customer purchased? Did customers switch product?

How does the revenue look for the repeated customers? Did they purchase more/less products or if they switch product from product A to product B or C? Customer # 21 appeared twice in the spreadsheet (row 2 and row 599), but in row 599 the revenue was lower than row 2. Do you think an analysis can be done on that?

If you have more time and data, then you can look at what the revenue was same period last year, and who generated most revenue for your company. With enough analysis, you know which product is more popular and which product generates more revenue for the company.

You can use Power Query, formulas to extract data.

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