Issues saving userform data to an external workbook

Mr Kay

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Apr 16, 2019
I am experiencing problems when multiple users are saving userform data to an external workbook. I included error coding that informs when the save has failed and to try again which appears to work but now and then the workbook opens twice - and the message the workbook is already open is seen.

I'm thinking this is because the save process follows this routine, downloading save location, opening save location, then saving the file. They all have visible progress bars during each activity but there is empty time between is stage. The userform remains visible throughout and users press save again, as they think nothing's happening.

Is there a way to keep a msgbox or other visible throughout letting them it is saving and to be patient, or would hiding it throughout and showing it after the save routine, work.

I've seen code that prevents workbooks opening twice which I plan to test further but there may also be an additional issue, a separate workbook has a pivot table summarising the same data that opens the source workbook on external data source refresh. In other words the external workbook may be opened 500 times a day during save or refresh.

Whats the best option. Idea's welcome. Access would be but isn't an option in this case.

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