Ivan F Moala's Color Banding to identify current cell

Kudos to Ivan. His solution to help identify the current row and column was nominated and selected as this week's Hall of Fame winner.

The original thread is here

A write up of the technique is here


If you're using an Excel version that is NOT an english one, you should modify Ivan's code a bit.

In the code you'll see this bit of code twice:<pre>Formula1:="TRUE"</pre>Change the TRUE with one of the following options:

1. The literal transaltion to your own language, i.e., in the Spanish version, TRUE is VERDADERO, so the code would be like this:<pre>Formula1:="VERDADERO"</pre>2. The more prefered option, change the code to this:<pre>Formula1:="1"</pre>This will work with any Excel version, english and non-english, because Excel will consider the 1 as TRUE, so we have the same effect.

That is it !

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