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Sep 25, 2006
Hi all,

I have several queries all giving me the information I want, which print beautifully when I originally go through page set up. However, each time I go back into the query, i need to go through page setup again.

If this was just for me I wouldnt mind, but i am trying to get someone else who is a bit of a computer novice to use this query and i know that he will be impatient if he has to reset print settings each time, and will go back to using his spreadsheet!

If I set this up through a report its about 16 pages longer than it is though the query, which is also no good!

Please can someone help me just get the query to save the print settings??? (if i need to use code, please can you be specific as I am not very avanced on that!)

Many thanks


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Aug 5, 2003
Often (it happens with reports, I know), if you change printer settings in data view they are kept just for that time.
However, if you do it in design view it gets saved with the report. Try that with the query and see how it goes.

Also, if you used the Report Wizard to build the report (smart move, it saves a lot of time), you'll find that it doesn't use a very efficient layout, particularly if you choose to group the output. What you can do to reduce the wasted space, is to push all the textboxes in the Detail section hard up against the Detail band. Then push the bottom band up as far as it will go.



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Sep 25, 2006
Thank you for that Sydney.

I tried what you said on the report thing and did eventually get it down to 13 pages instead of the 5 that I really wanted!

However, I have eventually managed to find a solution! What i discovered by accident really, was that you could build a form in a datasheet format, which looks exactly like the query. In the form design screen you can set the page as you want it including the print setup, and it will keep the formatting and at the touch of a button will print in the same format as the query in only 5 pages!

A bit long winded, and if you could only just save the formatting on a query would prove be total unnecessary, but there you go!

Very many thanks for your help, much appreciated.

Lu x

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