Kutools Advanced Combine Rows as VBA [Their site code is broken]


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May 10, 2018
Currently using [bhos123] 's solution but I have to find and replace the commas that appear as I don't need them (commas also appear in column C) ; so my patched together combined macro works but it obviously can be better if I can remove the comma problem.

[Kutools Advanced combine rows VBA here] Is broken as a commenter Ashley on the bottom of the page describes

"it is deleting column B. Looks like it's just removing duplicates...not sure what the issue is."

Input and output looks like this https://imgur.com/a/sgzWzmx
The problem with bhos123's output is between some codes there is Space comma space " , " which should be replaced with linebreak (controlJ). I don't know how to edit his macro to get the 3rd picture as the output.

I'm fixing this with find and replace in the macro but I'd be cool if I could cut the amount of code required

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