Labels not showing for out of bounds data in radar chart


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Feb 16, 2016
Hi all

I work for a small call centre, and part of my role is to manage the score cards. I have modified them using radar graphs, to visually show how close to each target the agent is. I have set the bounds from 0% to 200%. However, if an agent manages to do more than double the target (it happens) then the plot point is displayed beyond the centre point. This would be fine, if it would show a label. However, for whatever reason it won't.
You can see an example below. The first number is the week, and the second number is the agent's percentage of target achieved. You can see as I hover over the top point (for week 6) however that it's value of 285% exceeds the bounds. I'm fine with where it's displayed (it looks impressive, "it's off the charts!"), but I can't fathom why it doesn't have a label.
Any ideas? I'd rather not have to set the maximum bounds to 300% or higher!

Thanks you heaps all!


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May 27, 2011
Hi FiremanDave,

You should try and remove and then re-add all labels in case you accidentally deleted the individual data label.

For further assistance, you would need to post how you have your data and chart. I don't understand how you can even see a point that is outside of the maximum. As you can see here, I have set the maximum to 2 and the same 2.857 data point doesn't appear on the chart.


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