Legend Position Keeps Moving


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Dec 8, 2010
Backround: I am working with Excel 2003 and have no experience with macros or VBA. With that said, suggestions to enter in codes as resolution are rarely beneficial to me due to my lack of knowing where to put such codes or how to edit them for my purposes. I'm hoping for a solution that doesn't require code entering or macros.

I have entered data into a workbook and, with the use of named ranges, created a dynamic chart in an additional worksheet. I was pleasantly surprised when all facets of my dynamic chart worked as planned, including the scroll bar and series of checkboxes I applied for user interactivity.

The problem came when I re-opened the file the following day to add additional data. The legend had moved about a quarter of an inch to the left, slightly entering the plotting area. I saved the file and re-opened to find the legend had moved another quarter of an inch, further entering the plotting area.

I'm hoping to have multiple sheets of dynamic charts based on this data, all of which would require legends. Is there a way I can lock the position of the chart legend or am I forced to have to manually move every legend position everytime I want to save the file?

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