List view column headers not appearing - despite view = lvwReport


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Jan 31, 2007
Dear All,

I created a listview (Search_Master) in one project. I copied it to another project. However, in that project, it is not showing the listview column headers. It is surprising because it's working fine in the earlier project. The only major difference between the two is that in the 1st project, the column headers are obtained from a sheet in the same workbook while in the 2nd project they are obtained from another workbook. Is there any restriction on using column headers from another workbook?

I am attaching the code herewith for your reference.

Any inputs will be highly appreciated!

Thanks in Advance!

Private Sub Master_Cat_Change()

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

'to show all sheet
Application.Run "show_all"

If Master_Cat.Value = "Child Master" Then catcol = 10
If Master_Cat.Value = "Survey Master" Then catcol = 13
If Master_Cat.Value = "Anganwadi Master" Then catcol = 8
If Master_Cat.Value = "Beat Master" Then catcol = 9
If Master_Cat.Value = "ICDS Project Master" Then catcol = 12
If Master_Cat.Value = "Taluka Master" Then catcol = 14
If Master_Cat.Value = "District Master" Then catcol = 11
If Master_Cat.Value = "Project Master" Then catcol = 15

WS = Worksheets("Login").Cells(1, 1001)
main_path = "D:\Teaching\Excel\Clients\Annada\System\Database Files"
proj = Worksheets(WS).Cells(1, 12)
finpath = main_path & "\" & proj & "\"
fnam = finpath & Master_Cat.Value & ".xlsx"

Workbooks.Open Filename:=fnam, Password:="abcd", WriteResPassword:="1234"

dbook = ActiveWorkbook.Name

  Dim C As Long
  Dim I As Long
  Dim R As Long
    Me.Search_Result.View = lvwReport
    Me.Search_Result.HideSelection = False
    Me.Search_Result.FullRowSelect = True
    Me.Search_Result.HotTracking = True
    Me.Search_Result.HoverSelection = False
    Me.Search_Result.ColumnHeaders.Add Text:="", Width:=2

      For C = 1 To 16384
    If Workbooks(dbook).Worksheets(Master_Cat.Value).Cells(1, C) = "" Then GoTo outsideC:
    hedding = Workbooks(dbook).Worksheets(Master_Cat.Value).Cells(1, C).Text
    Me.Search_Result.ColumnHeaders.Add , , hedding, 75
    Next C
    Workbooks(dbook).Close (False)
    Workbooks.Open Filename:="D:\Teaching\Excel\Clients\Annada\System\Database Files\Supporting Masters.xlsx", Password:="abcd", WriteResPassword:="1234"
    dbook = ActiveWorkbook.Name

    Worksheets("Supporting Masters").Select
    For I = 2 To 1048576
    If Cells(I, catcol) = "" Then Exit For
    Me.Cat.AddItem Cells(I, catcol).Text        'material code
    Next I
'to hide all sheet
Workbooks(dbook).Close (False)
Application.Run "hide_all"
Application.ScreenUpdating = True

End Sub

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Jan 31, 2007
I got the solution. I simply removed the list view lying on my user form and re-inserted a new one. Gave it the same name, Search_Result and voila! It started working! How silly! Anyways, thank you very much to all of you who spent some time wondering what may have gone when everything appeared in order..

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