Look for value match and if not found, find nearest match using variables


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Aug 21, 2014
I hope it's okay that I cross posted my inquiry since I have not found a solution.

Hello and thank you for any help you may be able to provide!

I'm new to VBA and I've tried several different ways to accomplish this using EXCEL functions but I would like to simplify my workbook by using VBA.

I have a workbook with 3 varying data sources and I need to match values to determine volumes and then calculate billing details. The data sources are on separate sheets but simplify things, we can have the data sources all on one sheet. I need to sum volumes by matching up the account number in the order of priority as listed below:

1) Account Number_Meter Number_Location Number (If found use this to search sum volumes in column M)
2) Account Number_Any combination of Meter Number or Location Number (If found use this to sum for volumes in column M)
3) If none of the variables (Account Number, Meter Number, Location Number) match then just use Account Number to sum volume

Thank you very much to anyone that can help me solve this.

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