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Sep 24, 2008
I recently had a job doing a lot of work in Microsoft Excel. I would like to continue to enhance my skills in this program. Does anyone know of any good websites that post excel jobs. I can not relocate and I am looking for something in the Indianapolis area.

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Read M is for (Data) Monkey book by Ken Puls and Miguel Escobar. It is the complete guide to Power Query.
This is one of the things I will be having on my website beginning in June of this year, a long way off I know, and for your sake I hope you find a job before then, but in case you don't, check in from time to time on this link, starting in June:
Hello Mr. Tom :)

What kind of tasks would be available on your website ? Could you give some idea about it ? Also, would the tasks be available to people from outside countries alike me ? I ain't jobless right now but I would definitely be interested in working online in a trust-worthy firm where I can earn some extra income.

At the moment, I teach Advanced Java (Distributed Applications Programming), Elementary Excel, Basics in VBA, etc., in Indian institues like Aptech and NIIT (part time - Saturdays & Holidays).
The Excel Careers page will be a free service to job seekers and job providers, for positions that require some level of Excel proficiency. Some jobs will no doubt be clerical or administrative where relatively minimal Excel knowledge is required, up to "power user" level jobs that would require, among other attributes, a strong Excel skill level.

The job listings will start out being from my client companies, most of whom are in the United States who, like companies everywhere, have positions open from time to time, such as for financial analysts or accountants. I got the idea because it makes sense that one way these companies can maybe find the right person is to list their job on a website that specializes in Excel. At the same time, Excel users visit the same site and can list themselves as looking for a job. There is probably no job on planet earth where only Excel knowledge is required, so of course any job will have its list of several requirements set forth by the potential employer, Excel being among them, and at least for the Excel part, the Excel Careers page will be one way for the 2 sides to maybe hook up.

No one will be paying me or my company for any fees or commissions, it is just a service I want to provide to help both sides (companies and qualified job seekers) locate each other, and from there it's up to them. So far, my clients have been receptive to the idea of a free service, why not, they want to cast their nets far and wide to find the right person too.

I'm aware of all the disclaimers and administration that would accompany this service, so between now and June I'm working on stuff like that. But what I like is how in these rough economic times, it's a cost-free option that can benefit employers and employees.

I anticipate sometime in June for this to get started.
Oh ok ! I anticipated the other way about this whole thing.

I thought it would be a stand alone website which would provide work. Instead, your website is going to be a medium for employers to reach employee candidates and vice versa. Ofcourse it would help the Americans but I cannot rely on this at all :)

Nevermind, be happy :biggrin:

Anyone interested to become a PHP Developer of a reputed web company based in Netherlands ? They are hiring on a very large scale and to keep you informed, the company is an "adults only" gateway website. Whatever they are into, I don't care and it hardly matters. I am only concerned with my job and the money ! Please PM me. I think the content they publish shud not matter to you if you are really looking forward for a job ;)

I hope this project goes well for you (and the respective employers/employees).

Hopefully you will give this thread a 'bump' (or start a new one) some time after you are up and running so that we can pop in and see the results.
Tom your site is looking very promising. I'm looking foward to seeing the content building up. :)
I love the look of the site. I will have to check it out when it is up and running in June.
Tom, please do keep me informed ;) ... as Peter says would be great to post a go-live notice in June.
Tom - great site. It's a long way from truck driving - eh! Will look forward to seeing what wonderful things are to come.

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