Looking for help comparing material lists!


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Sep 8, 2014
The following code provides the srot of thing i am looking for However, this is comparing cell by cell, and where certain items are removed/added on the newer list it knocks everything out.

Sub RunCompare()
Call compareSheets("A", "B")
End Sub

Sub compareSheets(shtBefore As String, shtAfter As String)

Dim mycell As Range
Dim mydiffs As Integer

For Each mycell In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(shtAfter).UsedRange
If Not mycell.Value = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(shtBefore).Cells(mycell.Row, mycell.Column).Value Then

mycell.Interior.Color = vbYellow
mydiffs = mydiffs + 1

End If

MsgBox mydiffs & " differences found", vbInformation
End Sub

So, Is it possible to alter this slighty and make it look for the same circuit reference and then compare?

Item circuit Ref Description
1 C1 Description Description Description Description Description </SPAN></SPAN>
2 C2 Description Description Description Description Description </SPAN></SPAN>
3 C3 Description Description Description Description Description</SPAN></SPAN>

If we look for C1 on both sheets and then compare in a similar way to the above code?
Even better would be to notify if there are any additional Refs, and refs that no longer exist between the two sheets.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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