Looking for information on Automating a Reconciliation Report


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Oct 10, 2019
Hi all,

New to this board, and hoping to get some good advice.

My team conducts a lot of data pulls to create reports, and they are all very time consuming. I'm trying to better educate myself in becoming more efficient in excel. One of the reports we do, is a Reconciliation between two systems.

This consists or 3 separate workbooks ( System 1 Data, System 2 Data, Master Reconciliation Template).

Within the Master Template Columns A-H, K, O, R, U, X - are all copy and pasted data from Workbook 1. Columns I, L, P, S, V, Y - are all vlookups to pull in data from workbook 2. Columns J, M, Q, T, V, Z - are the deltas ( if Columns H & I are the same = True, if they are different = False w/ color code).

The business reason for the Recon is to find the differences between the two systems, and update them.

All three of the workbooks are named the same, have default formats, and are saved in the same location each time.

Is there a VBA Code or Macro that could be created, so when workbook 1 and workbook 2 are created and saved in the location with the Master Recon Template. Could I open the Master Recon Template and execute the code to complete the Reconciliation instead of doing the manual manipulation?

Thank you in advance for any advice or information provided.

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