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May 27, 2014
Hi All,

Struggling here to lookup data and produce no doubles with two issues

this is Sheet 1 For a formula going into cell K3 I need to match $M$2 against C2:I2 and which ever column matches in this example its Column D to look at D3 and see if the value is X or O. if the value is X then the value of B3 must be revealed.

M2 changes for each day of the week automatically so I want the formula to search the relevant column for each Day

Column C is Sunday
Column D is Monday and so on...

The Second query is hard for me too, I have information on 3 seperate sheets

Sheet 1 is as above

Sheet 2 Column A lists postcodes and column B lists names (Double entries are required)

Sheet 3 Column C contains New Postcodes, the formula should go into Sheet 3 Column D and result in a persons name being revealed. the problem is

I need the formula to firstly look at the names listed in Sheet 1 Column K against those in Sheet 2 Column B and then match the relevant postcode in Sheet 2 Column A against Sheet 3 Column C without producing double entries,

for example

if Person 1, Person 3, and Person 5 are listed in Sheet 1 Column K, the formula should then find these names in Sheet 2 Column B and reveal the postcode listed in sheet 2 Column A

Assuming Sheet 2 lists the following

Column A, Column B
SS2 4, Person 1
SS2 4, Person 3
SS2 4, Person 5
SS2 5, Person 1
SS2 5, Person 3

I would like the formula to be able to match SS2 4 against person 1, and then person 3 against SS2 5 thus stopping a double entry

Please help I am going crazy

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