Lookup or VB which should I use?

Rob from Ohio

New Member
Nov 22, 2005
Here's my situation.

I have one worksheet with 88 columns and 10,000 rows of data (Range Name = Active_Data)

I have a second worksheet with one colum and 2,000 rows of data
(Range Name = Read_Data)

I want to use the second worksheet's Range as a lookup value to find matching data in the first worksheet. Then I want to copy the entire row from worksheet one (all 88 columns) into a third worksheet where the row in read_data matches a row in Active_data.

In essence I want to extract the data from worksheet one into a third worksheet where one columns (row) values match a (row) value from worksheet two.

Can anyone suggest the best method for doing this? Should I be using a long list of lookup formulas in my third worksheet or some form of VB code?
And can you provide an example of how to do this? I have been looking through the postings, but the longer I look the more confused I get.

Rob from Ohio


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Mar 4, 2005
If you try to do that with formulas it's going to take forever unless you have a fairly fast machine. This is actually more of a job for access.

Rob from Ohio

New Member
Nov 22, 2005
How would you do this with Access? Use some type of update query, and if so, how do you specify the values you want to use for the search criteria?

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