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May 30, 2018

I have a list in column A in an Excel workbook called "Pipe Sizes".

I want workbook "template" to read A2 and assign "job no" to value in A2. Run "start" macro. At end of "start" macro, assign "job no" to value in A3 and run "start" macro.

So on so forth until it hits an empty cell.

How could I do this?


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Nov 1, 2008
There are several ways to do this. It depends a little bit on how your Start macor is written. If it assumes that it works on the 'Activecell', then you need to select each cell in turn. It will work that way, no problem, but if you have thousands of rows, then selecting each cell will slow down the macro.

A quicker way would then be to pass each cell address to the start macro. If there are only say a hundred rows then in reality the first method is fine. Here goes:

Sub LoopThroughColA()
    Dim rC As Range
    Set rC = Range("A2")         'set to first cell in range
    Do While Len(rC)               'do while there are contents in cell
        rC.Select                       'make this cell active
        Start                             'run the start macro
        Set rC = rC.Offset(1, 0)  'set the cell one row down
End Sub
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