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Jul 29, 2008
I have an excel program where I count the numbers for the past year then use the count to pick my lottery numbers. I have won small amounts for the past year every week but never amounts over $100 so now I would like to refine my program to look at the past years drawings and compare it to my combination of numbers to see where I need to twick my selection. I will try and setup an example of the data info below.
Winning numbers listed as:
Date 1 2 3 4 5 Ball
11/7/19 9 10 15 44 48 6

My ticket numbers; 8 10 15 43 52 5

I want to compare my numbers against winning numbers listed in A2:G106 to see on which week my numbers in this full set appeared, example in week 10/17 the 8, 10, & 52 appeared.
Can someone help with a vba to something to compare the full data set (col A - G) to a set of 5 numbers together?
Thank you in advance if you can. April

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if you look at lottery odds it becomes apparent your wins are pure chance, once you cover off every potential number set you will win all the prizes but the more winners the less the return
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Jul 29, 2008
Yes and No in my agreement with you. But I dont want to use this forum to debate the odds of the lottery, I want to use this forum to twick my programming, the thought process is all my own. Once I win the Jackpot, I will let you know, in the mean time thank you for opinion.

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