Macro Button to Copy Data from One Cell to Another Based on Slicer Selection


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Sep 3, 2020
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I've used Get & Transform to create a connection between my Excel spreadsheet and an internal SharePoint list (technically, survey results).

The data from the List pulls into Excel onto a worksheet I've labeled "SurveyPQ", and I've setup a slicer based on a column labeled "Date" (the responder is required to enter a date when completing the survey).

Currently, I can use the slicer to filter the survey results to only the ones submitted for today, and then copy those results to another tab named "Data", which has a bunch of formulas my colleague has setup that then changes dashboards on two other tabs. I could just take his formulas and point them to my tab where the data is pulled from SharePoint...

But I wanted to know... is there a way to create a macro that can do one of the following things?

- check the DATE column in all rows, and only copy a range of columns (D:AF) from the rows where DATE = TODAY to the "Data" tab, starting the paste at a specific cell on the "Data" tab
- wait for me to select a date with the slicer, and then click a button to copy the remaining rows from the SurveyPQ worksheet to the Data worksheet

I created a macro that selects a range of cells, and I was going to expand on that... but I couldn't figure out how.

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