Macro in Excel 365?


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May 25, 2013
Hi all,

I created a macro enabled workbook for one of the directors. Works fine in Excel 2007 which we use.
he on the other hand uses Office 365.
Placing the workbook on his desktop, the macro will not run from the button I created.

We have set macro to run without warning and added the desktop to trusted location, but nothing appears to happen.

When we tried to run the macro manually, it wanted him to login in to somewhere with his microsoft account, and despite double checking the account name it states account is not known.?

Firstly I'd like to be able to run the macroes without having to login all the time, but is this a requirement of Office 365.?

If not, what else do we need to do to get it running please.?



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Jun 17, 2014
tho never used 365, I have noted macros that wont run elsewhere.
EVERY user must have macros enabled from their PC. Usu:
File, options, trust center, trust center settings, macro settings, ENABLE ALL MACROS


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May 25, 2013
Hi ranman256,
I've done all that and whilst the macro will run, as I mentioned it wanted him to login to his onmicrosoft account. However pressing the button appeared to do nothing.
The director is a little impatient so I was not allowed to try too much, but hopefully he will hand it over tomorrow for a few hours, so I can try various things.

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