macro to combine data from multiple worksheets onto one worksheet


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Oct 10, 2014
hello all,

i'm looking for a macro that will move and total some data from 7 worksheets to a tally worksheet in the same workbook. we have used a pivot table to do this before but we have determined that we would like to be like this. any and all help would be appreciated. I have included a sample of the workbook with 2 data sheets and the tally sheet. for each customer number in col a I need it to copy col b,i,j,o and m. I then need it to sum the total of col c from the store data sheet and put in col f of the tally worksheet, sum the total of col d from the store data sheet and put in col g of the tally worksheet and sum the total of col e from the store data sheet and put into col h of tally worksheet. I then also need it to take the value from col c of the store data worksheet and put it into the corresponding store column in the tally worksheet (colj-colp). there is a formula in col I of the tally worksheet for the ret % figure.

thanks again for the help

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