Macros not working in 2007


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Oct 7, 2005

I have a pretty large workbook with many thousands of lines of code in hundreds of sub routines. Included are routines to create custom toolbars, control MS Word, change the look of Excel (API calls???) and many aspects of locking the spreadsheet down including protecting sheets and using a licence key to access it (MD5). These are just some examples.

All macros currently work just fine on 2000, XP and 2003 but when I tested this a few months ago on 2007, many did not work. I know of some issues such as those surrounding the new Ribbon in 2007 and named ranges that clash with new three-letter cell ranges in 2007, but my questions are:

1. I guess there is nothing that MS or anyone else has developed to convert code to work with 2007 - worth an ask, I suppose!

2. Is there a particularly good source (Bible) of things to be aware of when moving to 2007, in relation to VBA, possibly with work arounds to each/some issues?

3. Are there proper coders (I am a copy, alter, trial, error, error and more error kind of a person) who may make the changes necessary for it to work with 2007 for a price and where’s a good place to go to for this sort of thing?

Thanks if you can be of any help - just looking at this project and feels it's going to take me months of search and trying things if I try it myself so any help is very much appreciated. Worst case scenario, I'll be posting a dozen threads a day on Mr Excel until it's sorted.

Thanks for reading

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