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Nov 28, 2010
All, thank you for taking a look at this question. I have read some past questions and answers here on Mr.Excel from 2008 about how marcos/vba will not run on a worksheet(s) protection when shared.

Here is a past comment,

I discovered this characteristic about Excel 2007 shortly after our office converted to Office 2007.

The workbooks I had built in Excel 2003, when converted to .xlsm, would not enable macros and wouldn't offer the user the option to do so. I researched the issue online and someone thought that worksheets and workbooks could not be protected or Excel 2007 won't enable macros.

After working with Excel 2007 for a while, I found that Excel 2007 doesn't care if the worksheets are protected, with or without a password, but it WILL NOT enable macros in a workbook that is password protected on open. Period! Won't give you the option to enable either, even if you place the workbook in a "trusted location." The workbook can be protected when opened, just not password protected. I think it has something to do with a virus scan on open.

Like you, I need my workbooks to be protected so users don't delete, add, or re-arrange the sheets. Once the workbook is open, you can apply password protection to the workbook itself and everything works OK because the macros have already been enabled. I now make sure that workbook protection is removed on close and then reset by the user (click this button to show sheets) after its opened.

I can't post attachments here, but I will post a sample workbook for you at:

Has anyone figure out a way since 2008 to protect worksheets/workbooks and then share the workbook with others in the office?

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