MacScript calll with POSIX path of filename fails in 2011 vba macro


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Jul 30, 2019
I running on macOS 10.10.5 with Office 2011. I'm having a problem with this macro. I cannot get MacScript to return the POSIX path of a mac file path.

Sub tryOut()
Dim cValue As String
Dim thePath As String
Dim allData As String
Dim unixDesktopPath  As String
    Debug.Print "----------------------------" & Now

    cValue = "1.jpg"
    thePath = MacScript("return (path to desktop folder) as String")
    Debug.Print "thePath is " & thePath
    allData = "return ( POSIX path of "
    allData = allData & """"
    allData = allData & thePath & "numbers:" & cValue
    allData = allData & """ ) as String"
    Debug.Print "allData is " & allData
    ' next statement fails :-(
    unixDesktopPath = MacScript(allData)
    Debug.Print "unixDesktopPath = " & unixDesktopPath
End Sub 'tryOut
Here is the immediate output.

----------------------------7/29/2019 11:10:45 PM
thePath is Macintosh SSD:Users:mac:Desktop:
allData is return ( POSIX path of "Macintosh SSD:Users:mac:Desktop:numbers:1.jpg" ) as String
This statement works as expected in applescript

log POSIX path of "Macintosh SSD:Users:mac:Desktop:numbers:1.jpg"

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Jul 22, 2011
When I ran your code I did not get an error. Here is my output (using a file called Picture1.jpg)
----------------------------8/19/19 12:53:17 PM
thePath is Macintosh HD:Users:libjbg:Desktop:
allData is return ( POSIX path of "Macintosh HD:Users:libjbg:Desktop:numbers:Picture1.jpg" ) as String
unixDesktopPath = /Users/libjbg/Desktop/numbers/Picture1.jpg
I am using Office 2019 Excel version 16.29

Excel 2011 does not run in Mac OS X Catalina, so I can't test the old 2011 version any more.
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