Maintaining the same fixed width layout for columns for delimited text


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Oct 1, 2013

I have approximately 250 .txt files that I need to put into excel that are fixed width delimited text. I have attempted to use the import text wizard, which works smoothly, except every time I open a new file I have to re-align the fix width spacing of the columns which takes about a minute for each file

I found a potential work around:
Saving a fixed-width import layout | Wizard of Excel

but it's still not too effective because all of my text files are large and this makes the excel very slow because of too many equations.

What would be the best way to automate this process to get all of these .txt files into excel? I'd be willing to click through the import text wizard for all 250 files if I can maintain the same spacing in the "data preview screen" or potentially run a macro which could do the same thing? I would just have to count the number of spaces between inputs once.


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