Making one list from several dynamic lists


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Mar 20, 2009
Okay, I have worked myself into a corner.

I have created 6 dynamic lists, and now need to combine them into a single list, with no spaces or gaps.

I have 26 dock doors (numbered 1 - 26). Due to construction, only certain number of doors can be used at one time. And this can, and does, change with each delivery run. Each door is assigned a delivery route.

There are 6 Delivery runs per day using any of the 26 dock doors.

The dynamic lists are the delivery run summaries. This route to this door... That door not used... etc.

This was done with simple Sort based on cell values.

Now I need a single list, or summary, of the 6 individual lists that can be used as a master list.

Any help would be appreciated

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Best way to learn Power Query?
Read M is for (Data) Monkey book by Ken Puls and Miguel Escobar. It is the complete guide to Power Query.
If you can show us a sample of your sheet, using this tool, it would be very helpful. As it stands, there isn't enough information for us to provide much more than very generic advice.
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Do you want a dynamic list to be the result of your dynamic lists? Just watched a video on you-tube that does the very thing you mention i think. The videos are from a regular poster on here who actually makes videos with Mr Excel so i'm sure it's allowed for this. If this is against forum rules i'll appologise in advance

Hope it helps
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Thank you gardnertoo, but I cannot find the file this thread refers to. I get a 404 error. But, yes. I need a dynamic list created from the 6 individual dynamic lists.

And yes, scottylad2, the video explains exactly what I am trying to do. A bit more involved than I was expecting. I will be searching and saving quite a few links from YouTube LOL.

Being relatively new to Excel, the videos are an excellent help. And, of course, I can (and do) visit these forums regularly.

Thanks again for the help.
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This is the Mr Excel forum and i'd never break the forum rules intentionally. But, Mike Girvin, who does the Excel is fun series is great. If Mr Excel is THE Excel god, then MGirvin is a close disciple (spelled right?)

In my latest viewing these guys are now doing videos together, kinda like a Mr Excel v Youtubers Love excel duels, both giving a different way of acheiving the same result.

If you value your time, and spreadsheets take up a big part of that time then you'll do a lot worse than learn from these guys and of course the other incredibly brilliant excellers on this forum. They can make spreadsheet formulas do al sorts of wonderful things, some of which i use, but don't trully understand!!!

Mr Excel has about 1000 short video blogs which you can download from itunes and other places, most of which are brilliant short 2-3 minute lessons while youtubers love excel has about 500 (and growing rapidly) from 0-10 minute video tutorials, all categorised and fairly easy to search.

This forum however, is manned almost 24/7 by some brilliant excel geniuses like voG and Alladin and Lenz and so many others.....i'm in awe of them all (you probably hadn't noticed!!!)

Hope the vids do what you need

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