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Feb 28, 2002
The helpers at the MrExcel community enjoy providing answers to your Excel questions, but we need to know that we're actually helping you. To aid in this, we decided to use the new 'Mark as solution' functionality. This allows the Original Poster (OP) of a thread to mark the solution post without locking the thread. It also allows members to find threads that still require a solution.

When you mark a solution post, you not only thank the volunteers for the time they've spent helping you, you build a reputation as someone who follows the answers to your own questions and appreciates the time people spend helping you.

Marking a solution post is not meant to be a definitive statement that the post is the best answer. The threads are not locked. It simply means that the OP received an answer that worked for them personally. In many cases, a better solution might be posted later, long after the OP has lost interest in the thread because their problem was solved. In these cases, the best solution might not be the marked one. But marking one answer as a solution indicates at least one solution is available in that thread. If any post in a thread is particularly helpful, you may click the Like button on that post.

How to mark a post as the solution: Click the 'Mark as solution' checkmark to the right of that post.


Messages: Total post count.
Threads: Total thread count contributed (including the threads that member started).
Questions: Total questions asked / number of times that this member has marked a post as a solution.
Solutions: Total posts selected as the solution. Because the board existed for 19 years before "Mark as Solution" became available, the ratio of Solutions to Posts will be artificially low compared to a similar statistic on a newer site.
Reaction score: Total likes.

Finally, it would help if you could visit your old questions and, if a useful answer was posted, mark the most helpful post as the solution in each question thread. We created a 'Your unsolved questions' link in the top bar of each question forum which you can use to see a list of your questions in that forum. You can also click the following links to see your unsolved questions by each question forums in the MrExcel Message Board.

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