Merging Multiple Sheets into a Consolidated Sheet


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Feb 8, 2008

I've been trying to Consolidate Data from multiple Sheets to another sheet in the Same workbook.
ive hunted around for a while but cant find anything to do this.

all the sheets (8) have the same headings but not all cells would be filled in.

it would be a simple Copy paste, for my Co-Workers it is too difficult to do this.

So...all the Data in Sheet 121 would be copied to Sheet "Consolidated"
then all of Sheet 122 would be copied to just under.

ive tried Formulas but they delete lines Frequently so it finished with 2000 #REF values

Any ideas??



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Feb 8, 2008
there is 11 Columns but for any Data some might be blank
so...for the Columns A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K
F, G, H might be blank

but the next line down...B, D, K might be blank.


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Dec 9, 2008

This is not (or should not be) difficult, but it is hard to see exactly what you are after, as we cannot see your workbook or "peer over your shoulder" so-to-speak.

You first mention it as simple as a cut and paste, which would seem to infer taking a range at a time over to the Consolidated sheet. But then you mention there could be blank cells; which sort of infers you want to strip away these.

Could you maybe include a before/after example? This might well help.


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