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I have an Access Macro.
In this macro, Microsoft Access 14.0 Object Library is ticked in Reference.
I want to un-tick this reference.
However while doing so I get pop-up as ‘Can’t remove control or reference; in use’.

How do I find out what objects in my macro are related to this reference.
I commented out few such as ‘Dim oRdc As Recordset’ and 'Dim rsXML As DAO.Recordset’.
However this is taking time and am not also sure if this is the correct method.

At the end, I should be able to un-tick Microsoft Access 14.0 Object Library reference.
How do I do this.
Can anyone please help me in this.


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Hi RoryA sir, I wanted to check which objects in the macro are related to Access.
Macro is written by someone else and I am required to edit this.

That is why I am trying to know which objects are related to Access.
Thanks for the help. )


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To be honest, if you can't tell by reading the code, you probably shouldn't be editing it. At any rate, you cannot remove a reference to the host application.


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Hi RoryA sir, thanks for the help.
I am trying to guess the reference by reading the code.
But I was not sure if this is the correct way to do.

Pardon my ignorance, do you mean to say, I can not remove reference to Access Library from Access file at all.
I removed entire code from the file still am not able to un-tick the reference.

However I was able to un-tick the OLE Automation reference irrespective of the code.
You are correct sir, now I understood. We can not remove this reference.
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You would need much more familiarity with the Access Object Model than what you seem to have. That can only come through study and learning. There is a M$ web page for the object model, but it's not really study material as much as it is reference material. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts to this. The object model as it relates to your project is governed by the References it contains and the model can be browsed via the VB editor (toolbar button or F2).

If you're going to play around, you'd best have one or more backup copies of your db(s). BTW, in some forums, help with macros is a bit limited because experienced developers don't use them as a rule. Not sure about this forum.

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