Miscellaneous add-ins upgrading to Office 2007

Jack Sheet

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Oct 18, 2007
Greetings all

I have up to now made extensive use of three third-party add-ins, while using versions of Excell up to Office 2003. In each case the add-ins had cross-version compatibility up to that version.

The three add-ins to which I refer are:
Bill Manville's "FindLink"
Jan Karel Pieterse's "Name Manager"
Rob Bovey's "Code Cleaner".

I am now migrating to Office 2007 and I note that there is a separate version of Name Manager dedicated to this version. Great. Got that, now.

What about the other two? Do I need separate versions of FindLink and Code Cleaner, dedicated to Office 2007? Would the previous versions still work albeit perhaps not optimally? If there are new Office 2007 versions can someone please provide links, as I have had a search around and for some reason am not getting anywhere.

EDIT - it occurs to me that some of these add-ins may be redundant, the features possibly being built into Excel 2007. I have not yet had a chance to check that out, but advice on that would also be appreciated

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