Modeloff Round 2 Case Study Time is Money


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Jan 6, 2013
Before everything, thanks to Modeloff team for having provided the questions for the rest of the world sooner than the previous editions of this championship. It's a valuable help in my apprenticeship of modeling and the corality spreadsheets are really well designed.

My question concerns the case study Time is money: how to compute the nominal exchange rate? Is it by multiplying the real exchange rate by (1+Eur inflation rate) and divided by (1+US inflation rate) ?

Thanks for your answers.

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Jan 6, 2013
Hey bit toooooo late but anyway and sincerely thanks for taking the time to answer to this problem and leaving your model on dropbox till now !!! Truly appreciated !!!!



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Sep 4, 2015
Hi all

Thanks for your appreciation for this, good to see that people are getting value for this, especially with MO coming up in a few weeks!

I received a message from canedu asking about my financial modelling background, however I got an error saying that their inbox was full, so here is my response here.

I am an accountant with a background in public practice (now in commercial), so I use Excel every day. When I found out and got interested in ModelOff and financial modelling, I started to challenge myself to use keyboard shortcuts to accomplish my day-to-day tasks. This practice really helped.

After doing a few past questions, my answers were often technically right but looked very different from the worked answers on the modeloff website. Seeing these helped me to understand more about financial modelling as whole separate style of spreadsheeting.

I did some other learning too: I found this book really helpful, especially with regards to some more non-intuitive concepts like monte carlos simulations. The library is great!

I did this training which was free when you enrolled in ModelOff 2015. Not sure if it's worth the sticker price unless you can get your employer to pay for it. I learnt some super Excel secrets about styles in particular. I also went on a spree on the Excelisfun youtube channel (much more free).


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