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Mar 21, 2002
I have a workbook,data changes every two days but format stays same, with data in col a:ag. This file needs to be broken up by Sales Rep (col a). Whats needs to happen is for each diff sales rep in col 'a' a worksheet is inserted and the tab named the sales rep name (col a data). Then the data for that sales rep copied and placed in new worksheet. This is where my problem is. Each sales rep can have varied sized ranges. One rep can have 10,000 lines and one could have 500 lines.

With the code below I am able to identify each sales rep in col 'a', create a sheet and have it named the sales rep and then copy the sale name from col 'a', but I am only capturing one cell. I need all data associated with that rep. Can someone help me get over this, I know there is a way but it eludes me.

ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Select

For Each rCells In Range("a3", Range("a65536").End(xlUp))
If rCells <> rCells.Offset(-1, 0) Then

rCells.EntireRow.PageBreak = xlPageBreakManual

ActiveSheet.Range("a1") = rCells.Offset(-1, 0)

ActiveSheet.Name = rCells.Offset(-1, 0)

Any assistance would be appreciated!


Excel Facts

Format cells as date
Select range and press Ctrl+Shift+3 to format cells as date. (Shift 3 is the # sign which sort of looks like a small calendar).
I'm sure this can be done by code, but I believe you should also look at Advanced Filter or (my choice) MS Query. Much easier to maintain and much more flexible than hard coding names and such.
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I agree with the first respondent. I had a similar situation at my last job. I created one sheet with all raw data. I then put together a sheet with a pivot table that allowed me to slice and dice the data according to sales rep, region, etc. Sorry I don't have code for you, but I really think pivot tables or filtering will accomplish the same thing.

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yes I agree with both of you, but my problem is I am not going to be doing the work and the user level fluctuates. that is why I am trying to do this with code.

using pivot tables did you setup one pivot table and move the data from to a template?

if I cannot find a solution with vba I could train the users on using a pivot table with templates. MSQuery is diff not an option for my users, I have no problem with MSQuery, but my problem is that I don't want to do the work.


My last solution will be setting up an access database with a form to import and replace the data then create param query that loops through a listtbox and exports all selected item. I didn't want to go this route due to , once again user knowledge , and the amount of steps that would be needed. and also I would end up with around 55 files which I also did not want.

thanks fort the replys
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I don't see that MS Query would be a problem. I regularly create Speadsheets using it for instructionally challenged users(i.e. upper management). I simply create a parameter and link it to a cell. I use data validation to give them a drop down to choose the parameter and set the query to refresh automatically. Works like a charm.
In your case, they would select a saleman and viola, the figures appear.
Hint: I save the file as a template so they save over it and screw it up.
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