Monetary Unit Sampling (MUS) Sample Size Help


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Sep 5, 2017
Hi everyone,

For a significant number of hours now I've been trying to calculate the sample size of a population via the MUS method. (It's a very similar way to systematic sampling)

At my work we have a data analysis software called "IDEA" which I'm sure some of you have heard of. Within this, we have our own "global" plugin which computes MUS work for us (ie: using given inputs to determine a sample size of the population)

I've wanted to make an efficiency to this, as most people do not like using this software, and additionally creating a replica on excel would significantly speed up the process of this type of work.

I've attached a workbook, which has two examples:
- I've got two different population amounts, and provided just the information that our MUS plugin requires the user to input
- From that, I've used the MUS plugin on IDEA to calculate the sample sizes and have included these on the workbook

Ideally: I would be most grateful if anyone could determine a formula or method to replicate these sample sizes in excel. (with the main goal being a formula of some sorts that can determine the sample size of the population to test based on the criteria given below)

Everything needed is in the workbook, and ideally I'd like to be able to work out the sample size from just this information: (as this is all MUS plugin needs)
a) population value (sum of the data being tested)
b) performance materiality
c) expected misstatement (always 1/6 of performance materiality)
d) confidence level (changes based on criteria) - this is the most taxing area to work out the sample size

^^So somehow, using just a-d above, a formula or something else in excel to accurately determine the same sample size as IDEA did.

This is why I've provided two different examples within the workbook, as well showing different confidence levels so it could be tested.

I hope someone can assist me on this as I've run in to a dead end. I appreciate any responses and look forward to hearing back from you guys soon

TLDR: To create a formula that determines the sample size of a population using just the information provided (a-d above) for MUS sampling (See WB attached)

NOTE: As first time posting, I cannot attach the file directly to the post: So instead please see this link which will take you to download it:

All the best,


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