Most Difficult Problem with Numeric Cells?


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Jun 29, 2006
I have values in cells of Columns G and H (I got the values by COPY & PASTE SPECIAL, VALUE from website) which CANNOT be done calculations with, for example I cannot SUM() all values in Column G.

Even changing the cells' format to NUMBER or GENERAL or TEXT cannot work.

Pls HELP by giving me STEP BY STEP GUIDE on what should be done to values in Columns G & H to enable them to perform calculations.

I can email to you the Excel file (if you give me your email address) or you can download it by going into my email as follows:

email Name:
password: publicuse (The file name is Mathsproblem.xls, therere is only one file so no problem of confusion)

Thank you for your kindness.

allan Teh

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Excel Facts

How to total the visible cells?
From the first blank cell below a filtered data set, press Alt+=. Instead of SUM, you will get SUBTOTAL(9,)

Joe Was

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Feb 19, 2002
Select the range of numbers and from the Toolbar select Replace, in the "Find What:" box type a single space. than click "Replace All" a lot of web numbers are padded with spaces as the last character, preventing them from being valid formula ranges.

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