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Jul 30, 2010
I really need someones help with a macro I need. There are two of us that need this macro. I am using Excel 2002 and the other person is using Excel 2007 so either need a macro that will work for both or two separate macros. The string that is sent by the registration form is below that we use will be copied and then pasted (by the macro I hope) into the worksheet. I need the copied string to be placed in each respective cell and if the form user leaves a item blank then the cell will also need to be left blank (such as the last cell they don't all have children)

A17; Bill Smith; Mary Smith; Phoenix; AZ; Bigfoot; 21; 2003; 8 ; 15; 19; ; Joey

Apparently I can't attach a copy of the workbook? There are 13 columns total and the rows are added and removed. The macro can be run from a button or Ctrl+whatever key
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