Need to Bypass or Disable 'File in Use' Error Message on Personal.xlsb File


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Jul 14, 2016

The Personal.xlsb Macro file on my system is set to open automatically when Excel Opens (in the XLSTART folder) and is hidden from view, so that it is accessible for me to code and write to without having to manually open it.

Normally, this is not an issue, but it has been an on again / off again problem with automated processes that open multiple windows in Excel.

The issue starts when I have an Excel Window already loaded, and an automated process (from MS Scheduler) runs and opens another Excel Window on top of the one I am working on. Excel attempts to load and access the Personal.xlsb file in the new window only to find it is use by of course the original window I have open.

This is important for a couple of reasons: (1) I need these separate processes to run in their Excel Windows and I need to bypass that warning if for some reason Excel fails to close, but has a process open (visible to Task Manager), or I actually working on another spreadsheet.

Question: Is there way I can force Excel to ignore the other Excel Windows running, and open the personal.xlsb file as "Read Only" or "Notify" thereby bypassing the warning message that halts the automation?

I have DDE unchecked. And I have tried to check for an open instance of the personal.xlsb file, and make it Read-Only. Neither solves the issue. A work-a-round (this is really *not* ideal) is to make the Personal.xlsb file a Shared File. This solves the problem, but every time I would need to write to it, I have to unshare it. Too big of hassle.

Thanks in advance for suggestions or you code that will help me resolve this.

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