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Jul 30, 2002
Ordered Product SKU Ordered Comm Completed Pack Single Potato PO# Packaging Comments Bags/min Production Time
Quantity Description Netweight Variety Order (x) on Line Units

800 10/5 lb. Ahold Russet USA (40034) R400 40000 POT RUS 3 8000 39 205
200 10/5 lb. Ahold Red USA (40015) RED284 10000 POT RED 2 2000 39 51
400 5/10 lb. GV Russet USA (279636) R442 20000 POT RUS 5 2000 30 67
200 10/5 lb. Ahold White USA (40002) W347 10000 POT WHT 5 2000 30 67
2 Per Pound White Fresh Peeled Whole A Size . . FF111 2 FCP WHT
54 Fingerlings . B Size 12/1.5lb Steam Carton . Side Delights
Steamables Steamable US #1 . F186 972 POT FIN 7 648 58 11
54 Medley RED/YELLOW/PURPLE C Size 12/1.5lb Steam Carton .
Side Delights Steamables Poly Roll US #1 . MDLY114 972 POT MDLY 6 #VALUE!
12 Mix . C Size 2 Var* 6Packs/ 1lb Side Delight Roastable Carton
Misc. Side Delight Roastable Roastable Tray US #1 . MIX153 144 POT MIX 5 #VALUE!

I placed column labels above headers to add clarity to explanation
The table is the construction of a rudamentary production schedule and also defines line load (I did not show the latter as it is not tied to the formulas).

The following formulas are in above excel table:
Column T: =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("*POT*",M2)),SUM(I2*LEFT(TEXT(J2,"???/???"),FIND("/",TEXT(J2,"???/???"))-1)+0)," ")
Column X: =IF(S2>0,IFERROR(VLOOKUP(J2,ProductArray,10,FALSE)," ")," ")
Column Y: =IFERROR(IF(X2>0,SUM(T2/X2)," ")," ")
(NOPQ) are BLANK columns. No specific reason. This is due to the export of the table from a database. These are HIDDEN in the Excel sheet.
All other columns or data are NOT impacted by any formula, but are required for other non-formula issues or data entry.

I am able to get columns X and Y to populate. They use a VLOOKUP table and then calculate. All is good there!
Column T is my issue. Column T works well until there are mulitple "/" in column J. I want the formula to find the NUMERATOR from within the description, then multiply that numerator by column I thus calculating a whole number. For instance: In the first line of the table above, I am able to successfully calculate finding the numerator from 10/5 lb. as 10 and then multiply by the 800 noted column I and return the value 8000 in column T.
When I attempt to do the same where column J has mulitple examples of "/", some used as separators, and one used as Numerator. An example where the statement does NOT work is the error #value! in column T. In this case, the file is seeing mulitple "/" in the description "Medley RED/YELLOW/PURPLE C Size 12/1.5lb Steam Carton .Side Delights Steamables Poly Roll US #1". I want the formula to pull the numerator from 12/1.5 lb and return 144 (i.e 12 * 54= 144) and ignore the separators in "Medley RED/YELLOW/PURPLE".

How do I single out ONLY the numerator and not the separators within the formula noted in column T?

Second issue is similar. How do I separate the number from the product description "Mix . C Size 2 Var* 6Packs/ 1lb Side Delight Roastable Carton Misc. Side Delight Roastable Roastable Tray US #1". Instead of the #value error noted on the last line of the above table, I want column T to cull the 6 from "6 packs/1 lb" and multiply that by column I, in this example...12; so that Column T would return 72 (i.e. 6*12 = 72). The issue here is the text immediately before "/".

I hope this makes sense. I can make it work when there is ONLY a numerator in the description, but am challenged when separators AND numerator exist within the description. Thanks in advance for the assist. I need this to be formula and not SQL or code. Ultimately this will upload to Google Sheets for mulitple department, real time, updates for any column currently blank.
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Jul 30, 2002
Table lost clarity upon posting. I believe and hope my question is still understandable. Sorry. Not sure how to correct.


Mar 9, 2014
Grab the Forum Tools add-in for Excel (link in my signature line) and repost your table using that.

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