Networkdays with start and end times on different days due to multi country shifts


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Nov 14, 2019

I am faced with this scenario where I need to calculate the number of minutes between two date & time stamps with the Start and End time in different hours . My scenario is as below

Excluding Hours between 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST all other time, excluding Saturday and Sunday and Holidays need to be calculated

I am currently using this formula, but it yields incorrect results due to the the start and end times spanning multiple days


Where Y is an internal control variable and my TimeRef sheet has Start Time as 23:01 and End time as ​19:00

I get incorrect results when the time stamps are in the same day or the next day. Some examples are below

Start Date End Date ElapsedTime
5/31/2019 8:42 5/31/2019 9:49 0.00
5/31/2019 9:49 6/6/2019 9:35 -964.00​

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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