New run time errors in older code 1004, 424, -2147024809 (80070057)

Neil Humphries

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Aug 1, 2018
Windows 10, Excel 2016 The code is in a Module.

Three years ago, this code worked. Now it throws errors. Thetext of the error messages is different from that in the other threads I have seen with thesame error codes.

The code attempts to locate a button and delete it. There isonly one button per worksheet.

DeleteShapesByCaption "Create a new Schedule of Valuestab", wSht

Sub DeleteShapesByCaption( _
ByVal Caption AsString, _
Optional ByVal WSAs Worksheet = Nothing)
Dim Shp As Shape
If WS Is NothingThen Set WS = ActiveSheet
For Each Shp InWS.Shapes
'What kind ofshape is it?
Select CaseShp.Type
'May be acommandbutton
IfShp.OLEFormat.Object.Object.Caption = Caption Then
Shp.Delete 'This is where the error occurs
End If
Exit For
'May be abutton
IfShp.OLEFormat.Object.Caption = Caption Then Shp.Delete
End Select
End Sub

The error always occur at Shp.Delete
RTE 404 Object Required
RTE -2147024809 (80070057) The specified value is out ofrange

The workbook has a worksheet which is a template. Once thetemplate is filled in, it is copied for month 1. After the month 1 sheet iscompleted, the create a new sheet button is clicked to create a new sheet formonth 2 and the create a new sheet button is supposed to be removed from themonth 1 sheet. Each sheet only has one button.

I have used debug.print to confirm that the activesheet isthe previous month's sheet.

I have a version which moves from the back of the shapes collection to the front, but I still get the same -2147024809 (80070057) run time error with the same msg text.

This code worked properly in 2015. I have modified cellformulae to reflect changes in legislation, but I don't think those changes arerelevant because now even the 2015 workbook produces the errors.

The code executes as expected in creating the month 1 sheet.The only difference is that the create a new sheet button is not deleted from thetemplate page.

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