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Aug 5, 2010
Hello forum members.

Had a forum for Palm OS developers for a number of years. Wonderfully helpful community. Looking forward to learning a lot from you folks

I have a small yacht care business and am trying to create a set of books.

Bought Quickbooks but screwed it all up so bad that I figured creating my own program basically would take less time time than unscrambling the mess I made. Sounds crazy but first I am no trained accountant...QB doesn't like letting you undo past mistakes...which makes sense really. But it is also a lot more complicated than I need.

So here we go ...first of many questions...

I have a table for recording invoices and payments...each assigned to a customer name...guess that makes sense.

I also have a sheet for each customer on which I store contact information, and pictures of their boat as well as some notes.

What I would like to do is display all the relevant data for that customer from my invoice and payment table...onto the customer sheet account summary of just that accounts activity.

I would like it to be updated from the central invoice and payment table.

Suggestions please...

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