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Dec 1, 2017
I'm sure this has been addressed before on theses boards but I figured I would try asking before searching.

I work at a small children's hospital with limited resources and we need to come up with a simple inventory system.

This is what I want.

Another department calls for a bottle of 'medicine X'.
We take the bottle and scan the barcode (NDC), then scan another barcode that is linked to the department.
If more than one bottle is requested, we either scan it again or manually enter the number of items.

A separate page for each department should be generated that lists the item, the NDC, quantity, the date each item has been dispensed as well as the total cost per month. (Prices of each medication will need to be updated occasionally and can certainly be done manually)

I'm sure this is available commercially but as I said, we have limited resources and currently we enter this information manually--although we have the ability to create barcodes and have scanners.

I have downloaded a list of NDC numbers with the corresponding meds in excel.

Any help (of if someone already has such a program and wouldn't mind me using it) would be greatly appreciated.

God bless.

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