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Aug 4, 2010
Hi Guys

Here's the setup I have and what I'm looking to achieve, not sure whether it can be done hence the query here. please tell me if it's impossible.

I have a sheet with names down column A, then the name rows contain 2 figures for each month across a rolling 12 months. So 24 columns in total - these are number of days absent and number of instances of absence in the month. The final column (ie column 26) calculates a points score based on the total number of days absent and total number of instances across the rolling 12 months. This figure either increases as absence increases or decreases as people's previous abseneces are removed.

I would like some code to flag up when a particular person goes over the 100 points trigger following the input of data. I've used the following simple code to do this on one line:

Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()
If Range("AF6") > 0 Then msgbox [A6] & " is now at " & [ab6] & " points - PLEASE CHECK"
End Sub

But obviously if I try this on another line it flags the same. Should I be using the Worksheet_Change function code? Not really sure.

So simply, an alert when a person goes over a trigger level warning the inputter that action is required.

THanks Simon

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