NumName: Excel VBA Function to Convert Huge Long Numbers into their Numeric Word Names in a Text String Format

Mark Main

New Member
May 11, 2011
I made an Excel function that converts a large string of numbers into their numeric word names. I am offering it to the community as free public domain.

It has many parameters to control the desired output. You can choose USA or European names with a simple parameter change. English names are used, however I designed this so that you can easily translate the English word to any other language--if anyone does this, send me a copy and I'll keep the code on my sites for others to use.

Here is a link to the workbook that includes the worksheet example, instructions of use, an a list of the official numeric names as a reference:

The macro is found using Alt-F11 (after clicking the Enable macro button). Here are the instructions that I made for my macro:

Function NumName
by Mark D Main
version 1.0
Free for public domain use
Provided freely without any expressed warrenty--you assume all responsibility in using it.

Optional numType As Byte = 0, _
Optional decimalStr As String = ".", _
Optional currencyName As String, _
Optional oneCurrencyName As String, _
Optional fractionName As String, _
Optional oneFractionName As String, _
Optional fractionSize As Integer = -1, _
Optional fractionZeros As String = "x", _
Optional grammerType As Byte = 3) As String​

String; required field
The numric text of digits that will be translated by the function.
The function will delete all non-numeric characters and concatinate what is left into one long number; all currency symbols are removed and ignored. The only remaining characters will be digits and a single decimal point and/or minus sign (dash) to denote a negative number; this dash must be the first or last character used (excluding any leading or trailing spaces, which are automatically removed.​

0 or 1;
0 will use the USA names and 1 will use the European names (see "names" tab).​

String; optional field
Typically a period or comma is used, but it can be represented by any character(s) string of any length.​

String; optional field
This curency name text is inserted between the whole numbers and the decimal fraction--just before the word "and" that connects these two pieces. It is best to enter this as lowercase and control it's capitlization with the grammerType parameter; however capitalizing here will force capitalization for grammerType values of 0 through 3. Blank turn this feature off. E.g. "dollars", "pounds"​

String; optional field
used for just 1 unit; e.g. one dollar. Will us currencyName if left blank.​

String; optional field
If used then this fractional curency name will be used on the far right of the text following the display of fraction presented in whole numbers; otherwise, if left blank, the fraction is simply displayed numerically.
Note: if a fraction name is used here then you must also provide a fractionSize > 0.​

String; optional field
used for just 1 unit; e.g. one cent. Will us fractionName if left blank.
See "Note" in fractionName above.​

-1, 0, 1 or more; optional field
-1 = variable decimal size--display is based on the number of decimals provided
0 = fixed size of zero decimal places; no decimals are displayed; all decimal numbers are truncated--no rounding is performed
1 or more = fixed decimal places--the number declares the size; trailing zeros are padded if needed; any excess numbers are truncated--no rounding is performed; e.g. "2" would be used for "cents" because 1 cent uses 2 decimal places​

x, 0, z, n, nn or 0n; optional field
x = (default) only display fractions not equal to zero
0 = display all fractions with zero shown as "0"
0n = display all fractions with zero shown as "0"; and zero currency shown as "no"
z = display all fractions with zero shown as "zero"
n = display all fractions with zero shown as "no"
nn = display all fractions with zero shown as "no"; and zero currency shown as "no"
adding an asterisk "*" before or after any of these choices (e.g. x* or *nn) will display the decimals as sized to the fractionSize by padding leading zeros.​

0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5; optional field
0 = no grammer correction; lowercase "and"
1 = add commas between each 3-digit set; lowercase "and"
2 = add commas and hyphenate ten digit words; lowercase "and"
3 = (default) add commas and hyphenate ten digit words and uppercase first letter; lowercase "and"
4 = add commas and hyphenate ten digit words and uppercase first letter; uppercase "And"
5 = add commas and hyphenate ten digit words and uppercase for all letter


This shows the text input and output using some parameters to produce typical dollars an cents output:

"00000" --> "Zero Dollars and No Cents"

"0" --> "Zero Dollars and No Cents"

"0.00" --> "Zero Dollars and No Cents"

"0000.1" --> "Zero Dollars and 10 Cents"

"0000.0123" --> "Zero Dollars and 01 Cent"

"000.023456789" --> "Zero Dollars and 02 Cents"

"000120" --> "One Hundred Twenty Dollars and No Cents"

"100" --> "One Hundred Dollars and No Cents"

"10" --> "Ten Dollars and No Cents"

"1" --> "One Dollar and No Cents"

"0100" --> "One Hundred Dollars and No Cents"

"1000000" --> "One Million Dollars and No Cents"

"159487326159487326159487326159487732615948732615974873261594873261594873261594873261594815948732615964873269798615948732615948732615948732615948732615948732615948732615948732615948732615948732615948159487326159487326159487326159487326159487326159487326159487326159487326159487326159487326159487326159487326.69" --> "One Hundred Fifty-Nine Centillion, Four Hundred Eighty-Seven Novemnonagintillion, Three Hundred Twenty-Six Octononagintillion, One Hundred Fifty-Nine Septnonagintillion, Four Hundred Eighty-Seven Sexnonagintillion, Three Hundred Twenty-Six Quinnonagintillion, One Hundred Fifty-Nine Quattuornonagintillion, Four Hundred Eighty-Seven Trenonagintillion, Three Hundred Twenty-Six Duononagintillion, One Hundred Fifty-Nine Unnonagintillion, Four Hundred Eighty-Seven Nonagintillion, Seven Hundred Thirty-Two Novemoctogintillion, Six Hundred Fifteen Octooctogintillion, Nine Hundred Fourty-Eight Septoctogintillion, Seven Hundred Thirty-Two Sexoctogintillion, Six Hundred Fifteen Quinoctogintillion, Nine Hundred Seventy-Four Quattuoroctogintillion, Eight Hundred Seventy-Three Treoctogintillion, Two Hundred Sixty-One Duooctogintillion, Five Hundred Ninety-Four Unoctogintillion, Eight Hundred Seventy-Three Octogintillion, Two Hundred Sixty-One Novemseptuagintillion, Five Hundred Ninety-Four Octoseptuagintillion, Eight Hundred Seventy-Three Septseptuagintillion, Two Hundred Sixty-One Sexseptuagintillion, Five Hundred Ninety-Four Quinseptuagintillion, Eight Hundred Seventy-Three Quattuorseptuagintillion, Two Hundred Sixty-One Treseptuagintillion, Five Hundred Ninety-Four Duoseptuagintillion, Eight Hundred Fifteen Unseptuagintillion, Nine Hundred Fourty-Eight Septuagintillion, Seven Hundred Thirty-Two Novemsexagintillion, Six Hundred Fifteen Octosexagintillion, Nine Hundred Sixty-Four Septsexagintillion, Eight Hundred Seventy-Three Sexsexagintillion, Two Hundred Sixty-Nine Quinsexagintillion, Seven Hundred Ninety-Eight Quattuorsexagintillion, Six Hundred Fifteen Tresexagintillion, Nine Hundred Fourty-Eight Duosexagintillion, Seven Hundred Thirty-Two Unsexagintillion, Six Hundred Fifteen Sexagintillion, Nine Hundred Fourty-Eight Novemquinquagintillion, Seven Hundred Thirty-Two Octoquinquagintillion, Six Hundred Fifteen Septquinquagintillion, Nine Hundred Fourty-Eight Sexquinquagintillion, Seven Hundred Thirty-Two Quinquinquagintillion, Six Hundred Fifteen Quattuorquinquagintillion, Nine Hundred Fourty-Eight Trequinquagintillion, Seven Hundred Thirty-Two Duoquinquagintillion, Six Hundred Fifteen Unquinquagintillion, Nine Hundred Fourty-Eight Quinquagintillion, Seven Hundred Thirty-Two Novemquardragintillion, Six Hundred Fifteen Octoquardragintillion, Nine Hundred Fourty-Eight Septquardragintillion, Seven Hundred Thirty-Two Sexquardragintillion, Six Hundred Fifteen Quinquardragintillion, Nine Hundred Fourty-Eight Quattuorquardragintillion, Seven Hundred Thirty-Two Trequardragintillion, Six Hundred Fifteen Duoquardragintillion, Nine Hundred Fourty-Eight Unquardragintillion, Seven Hundred Thirty-Two Quardragintillion, Six Hundred Fifteen Novemtrigintillion, Nine Hundred Fourty-Eight Octotrigintillion, Seven Hundred Thirty-Two Septtrigintillion, Six Hundred Fifteen Sextrigintillion, Nine Hundred Fourty-Eight Quintrigintillion, One Hundred Fifty-Nine Quattuortrigintillion, Four Hundred Eighty-Seven Tretrigintillion, Three Hundred Twenty-Six Duotrigintillion, One Hundred Fifty-Nine Untrigintillion, Four Hundred Eighty-Seven Trigintillion, Three Hundred Twenty-Six Novemvigintillion, One Hundred Fifty-Nine Octovigintillion, Four Hundred Eighty-Seven Septenvigintillion, Three Hundred Twenty-Six Sexvigintillion, One Hundred Fifty-Nine Quinvigintillion, Four Hundred Eighty-Seven Quattuorvigintillion, Three Hundred Twenty-Six Trevigintillion, One Hundred Fifty-Nine Duovigintillion, Four Hundred Eighty-Seven Unvigintillion, Three Hundred Twenty-Six Vigintillion, One Hundred Fifty-Nine Novemdecillion, Four Hundred Eighty-Seven Octodecillion, Three Hundred Twenty-Six Septendecillion, One Hundred Fifty-Nine Sexdecillion, Four Hundred Eighty-Seven Quindecillion, Three Hundred Twenty-Six Quattuordecillion, One Hundred Fifty-Nine Tredecillion, Four Hundred Eighty-Seven Duodecillion, Three Hundred Twenty-Six Undecillion, One Hundred Fifty-Nine Decillion, Four Hundred Eighty-Seven Nonillion, Three Hundred Twenty-Six Octillion, One Hundred Fifty-Nine Septillion, Four Hundred Eighty-Seven Sextillion, Three Hundred Twenty-Six Quintillion, One Hundred Fifty-Nine Quadrillion, Four Hundred Eighty-Seven Trillion, Three Hundred Twenty-Six Billion, One Hundred Fifty-Nine Million, Four Hundred Eighty-Seven Thousand, Three Hundred Twenty-Six Dollars and 69 Cents"

"1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.0100" --> "One Quattuordecillion Dollars and 01 Cent"

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