Obtaining named cell from X # of workbooks in the same file path


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Let's see if I can articulate this and if someone can point me to the write thread. I wanted to see if I can do this on my own this weekend otherwise, I'll get our IT department involved (end of August).

The purpose of this question is to see if I can pull the same named cell value from X number of files in the same file path to create a check list of what's done or what's missing.

1. I have a folder with a variable number of CLOSED excel workbooks: 'C:\Users\mfinm3g\Desktop\Recon'. One month there could be 20 files, and another there could be 25 - due to frequency required.

2. They will all follow a similar naming convention
1950-8digits-variable name

3. Each file contains the same "named" cell - "Total" on the same sheet.

4. I have a checklist file, Contains all possible files. This checklist can have a variable number of rows. One year it may have 3. The following year 4. In it, it looks like this

Column E pulls the "named" cell - "total" from each closed workbook by creating a file path using A+B+C+cellB1+cellB2

it was able to pull 2 of the files since they exist, but the last was an error. This allows me to follow up.

how can I easily do this?! I'm struggling. I have pieces of the various codes. I just can't piece it together. And some codes open workbooks.

My thoughts as to how to break this problem down
1. use a loop
2. the loop will go through the checklist
3. it will pull the total without opening the workbook
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