OLE object error when hiding worksheets that have code to automatically label sheets based on cell value


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Sep 27, 2011
Hey Guys,

First of all Happy New Year to everyone and hope all is well. I apologize for the long thread title but best describes the issue I'm having. Here is the breakdown, I have a workbook that I'm creating as a pre-sales tool for my company and I need it to do a number of functions (most of which i have working) to make it easy and "fool-proof" for users. The specific problems I'm having are as follows

I have code to automatically unhide/hide sheets based on combobox selection that works. however I've added code to label said sheets once they are unhid using a cell value which works. however when I try to hide the sheet (I have this programmed as a reset button on the main sheet) I now get an error. I also get it when i now try to unhide them also and i suspect that its because of the name of the sheet in the code i.e. "site" since the sheets were originally named site 1 to site 25

This is the code to unhide the sheets:

"Private Sub ComboBox2_Change()
Dim i As Integer
If ComboBox2.Value <> "" Then
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
For i = 1 To ComboBox2.Value
Sheets("Site" & (i)).Visible = True
Next i
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End If
End Sub"

This is the code to hide them

"Dim Sh As Shape
For Each Sh In ActiveSheet.Shapes
If TypeName(Sh.OLEFormat.Object) = "TextBox1" Then
Sh.OLEFormat.Object.Characters.Text = ""
End If
Next Sh

Dim ole As OLEObject
'to clear control toolbox checkboxes using cmd button
For Each ole In Worksheets("Start").OLEObjects
If ole.progID = "Forms.CheckBox.1" Then
ole.Object.Value = 0
End If

Sheets("Data").Visible = False
Sheets("Configure System").Visible = False
Sheets("Administer System").Visible = False
Sheets("Manage Users and Groups").Visible = False
Sheets("Program Applications").Visible = False
Sheets("Maintain and Troubleshoot").Visible = False
Sheets("Mitel").Visible = False
Sheets("Avaya").Visible = False
Sheets("Start").Visible = True
Sheets("Site1").Visible = False
Sheets("Site2").Visible = False
Sheets("Site3").Visible = False
Sheets("Site4").Visible = False
Sheets("Site5").Visible = False
Sheets("Site6").Visible = False
Sheets("Site7").Visible = False
Sheets("Site8").Visible = False
Sheets("Site9").Visible = False
Sheets("Site10").Visible = False
Sheets("Site11").Visible = False
Sheets("Site12").Visible = False
Sheets("Site13").Visible = False
Sheets("Site14").Visible = False
Sheets("Site15").Visible = False
Sheets("Site16").Visible = False
Sheets("Site17").Visible = False
Sheets("Site18").Visible = False
Sheets("Site19").Visible = False
Sheets("Site20").Visible = False
Sheets("Site21").Visible = False
Sheets("Site22").Visible = False
Sheets("Site23").Visible = False
Sheets("Site24").Visible = False
Sheets("Site25").Visible = False

End Sub

I need to find a way to hide/unhide but allow for the sheet names to be dynamic as well. Not sure how to do this and would really appreciate some assistance.

Thanks in advance

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